Members Only Area Documents

73-600 Florida Fire Laws

75-489 PCCLB

80-585 EMS

Pinellas County Code Chapter 54 Emergency Services

Automatic Aid Agreement

EMSAC Bylaws October 2012

1989 Court Order Pinellas County vs. City of St. Petersburg

1991 MGT Study

            Section 6 - Fire Services
Section 7 - EMS Services
          PCFCA Response to MGT Report 1992

PCFCA Strategic Planning Report 1995-1996

PowerPoint on the Fire and EMS System

2003 Pinellas Assembly (Combined All Meeting minutes and Final Report)

PCFCA Report on Alternative Revenue

2005 MGT Study for the Charter Review Commission

            MGT Final Report
            PCFCA/PCCFF Joint Powerpoint Response
            PCFCA Position Paper
            Pinellas County Analysis
 MGT Comments to the Above
          CRC options for Countywide Fire Protection with Bill Drafts

Revised Fire Service Based EMS Transport Presentation Paper to the EMS and Fire Reconfiguration Committee 2008

2009 - 2011 Priority Dispatch Documents

BOCC Resolution Draft for Handling 911 Calls
PCFCA Letter to BOCC ref Priority Dispatch 12 5 2011 includes PCFCA 2008 Resolution
2010 17 and 26 Cards by Department
2010 Percentages for Response Determinants
2010 Priority Dispatch Analysis

Priority Dispatch City Managers Presentation 09 03 10
Priority Dispatch Next Steps Summary 09 03 10
Priority Dispatch Next Steps Whiteboard 09 03 10

2011 IPS Study and Fire Department Transport Proposal Documents

Local Bill Proposed by Pinellas County
Local Bill by Hooper and Latavala for FD Transport
11 23 11 EMS Transport Comparative Summary
All Fire Departments Budget
Handout 10 25 11 from Commissioner Seel Ref Task Force
Marion County FD/EMS Transition
Pinellas County IPS EMS Study Final Report 10 25 11
Fire Based Medical Transport 10 10 2011 PowerPoint revised
Fire Based Medical Transport PowerPoint 10 10 2011
Cost Analysis Sanford/Millican Plan
Analysis of the Sanford/Millican FD Transport Plan
Email to: Mayors, Fire District Chairs, City Managers,EMS System Stakeholders Ref FD Transport
EMS Presentation 05-26-11 Forecast
IPS PinellasCounty EMS Report Interim Version 2
IPS Preliminary EMS Study Memo to BOCC
IPS PreliminaryPresentation 0n 5-3-11
Pinellas County Staff Analysis of the EMS Providers Cost Containment & Sustainability Model
Pinellas County EMS Providers Cost Containment & Sustainability Model


2016 Pinellas County Charter Review Committee Documents

Meeting Minutes January 20, 2016