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The Pinellas County Fire Chiefs have established a working committee comprised of the Operations Chiefs of all fire departments in the county.  This group oversees all of the 911 operations in the county and is responsible for responding to requests for medical emergencies, fires, hazardous materials incidents, technical rescue incidents, and other mitigation efforts.  The combined departments currently operate from sixty eight fire stations strategically located throughout the community. The fire department first response system is comprised of 21 fire departments employing almost 1200 firefighters, EMTs and paramedics, who staff Advanced Life Support (ALS) engines, ALS transport capable rescue vehicles, heavy rescues, ladder trucks and command staff.

The Fire Rescue Departments participate in two countywide response teams. The Technical Rescue Team and the Pinellas County Hazardous Materials Response Team (PCHMRT) are made up of personnel from several fire departments throughout Pinellas County.

The firefighting and emergency medical services force is typically divided into three shifts of employees. A District Chief manages each of the three shifts in each department and a Lieutenant manages each crew per apparatus. During 2005 the Pinellas County 911 center transferred 151,708 calls for assistance to Fire Rescue.

The men and women of the Cities’ Fire Rescue Departments take their jobs and individual responsibilities seriously. Their dedication to excellence keeps their performance among the best in the State of Florida and in the country.

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