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The Pinellas County Fire Chief Association has functional groups that are directed to perform certain tasks or operate in the best interest of the Fire Chief’s. One such group is known as the Pinellas County Training Officers Group (PCFDTO). The dynamics of this group is made up of Training Chiefs, Training Officers, and representatives from Pinellas County Fire/EMS and St Pete College Fire Academy. This group meets on the second Thursday of every month to discuss training and safety issues that affect the fire service in Pinellas County. The Chairperson delivers a monthly progress report to both the Operation Chiefs and Fire Chiefs. This group’s main focus is to:

  • Standardize training countywide
  • Network and disseminate information on education and training
  • Develop curriculum for  professional development
  • Function as Safety Officers or other Division/Groups at emergency’s
  • Improve on and make recommendation to the Operations Chiefs on SOG’s
  • Network with other training agencies
  • Keep track of new trends and bring new ideas to Pinellas County

PCFDTO e-mail address is training@pcfca.org and welcomes any ideas, suggestions, or comments

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