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In 1980, the Pinellas County agencies that provide Emergency Medical Services established the Association of EMS Providers as a forum to discuss and address common issues and concerns. In 1982, the Association of EMS Providers evolved into the Pinellas Advanced Life Support Providers Association (PALS). PALS is a non-profit organization dedicated to:

a. Promote quality emergency medical care throughout Pinellas County.

b. Be advisory to the Medical Direction in Pinellas County through the Fire Chiefs, EMS Administration, and Medical Director.

c. Review, formulate and recommend protocols to the Medical Director and the EMS Council.

d. Impact Legislation and Rules concerning EMS.

e. Create cooperation, unification and standardization in operations.

f. Standardize and promote continuous training and updating of EMTís and paramedics.

g. Communicate important matters between members.

h. Enhance the public image and promote good public relations concerning EMS.

 The PALS association is composed of representatives from each cityís or districtís Fire & Rescue Department, the Pinellas County EMS Authority, the Sunstar Ambulance Service contractor, the Office of the Pinellas County Medical Director, Bayflite, Pinellas Hospital Emergency Departments Nurse Managers Association, and St. Petersburg College EMS and CME departments.

PALS maintains standing committees to keep abreast of the latest developments and issues in several areas of interest to the emergency medical community, including: equipment, education, response and treatment protocols, legislation affecting EMS, and infection control.

The PALS members work together to keep pace with new developments in emergency medicine and to insure the continuity and excellence of emergency care provided to Pinellas citizens and visitors. Through the cooperative efforts of all these organizations, Pinellas County enjoys one of the highest levels of Emergency Medical Services anywhere in the world.

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